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To elevate the soul, poetry is necessary

Edgar Allan Poe, 1809 - 1849, American Poet: The RavenAnnabel Lee, The BellsLenore, amongst others









I pull myself out of the darkness to stare into the world, perplexed. Apparitions in flesh cages float before me like a misty dream, and I wonder where all of this separation came from. Who am I, and what does it mean to identify with a self? How have we fallen so far from our true nature? Madness and chaos rule this place, but true purpose beckons to those sensitive enough to remember.

What is it that I can’t seem to remember? 

My dreams are full of revelations, but my wakeful moments bury my truths within me. I long for the stillness that brings all truth to surface, but my sensitivities leave me open to wayward vibrations.

My spirit has been hiding in a vessel it knows nothing about, and vice versa. It's beyond time I come to know myself.

This world is a confusing place but I AM comforted, because one day we will all know of our divinity, and be reunited with the harmony and balance of our true essence.

All chaos precedes order. For now, everything is as it should be. My comfort lies in knowing that the betterment of the world comes with the betterment of myself, and all of us! Let us all awaken.

Let us come to know ourselves. Our lineage is Divine.

Submitted by Blake Simone

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