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Crystal Children/Adults: The New Era

All the earth is mine, and I have a right to go all over it and through it

Apollonius of Tyana, 15 AD - 100 AD, Greek Philosopher, contemporary of Jesus

Near the year 2000, the crystal children began to arrive. They already had many things facilitated by the previous generation and could manifest the power of love and compassion. With their big piercing eyes, these little ones look at the world with serenity. They have great affection, which allows them to feel very connected to others and that is why they are often peacefully involved in claiming all kinds of issues for other people or the environment. They connect deeply with the energy of nature, and sometimes they get annoyed in closed spaces or with too many people. They enjoy being alone and in tranquillity.


Both Indigos and crystal continue to reach Earth, and so it will be, some say until the planet we inhabit makes its transition to a higher level of consciousness.

​If normal people are lucky, they can experience the Mystical in their later years, provided that they’ve had a deep, sincere interest in Mysticism and Spirituality for a rather long time.

Crystal children/adults skip all the necessary preparation of sensitizing their inner and outer selves and shoot straight for a mystical connection with the Divine and the Miraculous. They are likely born that way, having come, quite likely, from the future, as it were. Crystals are evolved human beings, that can demonstrate abilities that the average human being cannot claim to possess or even begin to dream of.

Their abilities (maybe unfortunately for some) are not like what Hollywood shows us in the X-Men movies. Instead, they are the gifts one acquires from the Divine Intelligence (God), so these are concerned with selflessness, unconditional love, seeing beyond what ‘normal’ people see (ESP), developed intuition, ability to decipher patterns, understanding the Bible, Torah, Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts in ways that differ from traditional religions and schools, etc...

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of selfish people on Earth, and so Crystals need to protect themselves from being taking advantage of. This can be a real problem, because Crystals are so highly empathetic. Some have been called Empaths due to the selfless, unconditional love and empathy that they experience and a lot of times display. This can lead them towards people, who are willing to use their power against them, with the objective of dominating them.

Certain traits have been identified as common amongst Crystals:

  • Tend to have big, captivating eyes. They appear to pierce through you, right into your soul. As with their eyes, so with their level of depth. They can pretend to enjoy the superficialities of life, but deep down, they know there must be something more, a deeper purpose, to their life on this planet

  • Crystals are extremely sensitive to everything around them—food, chemicals, toxins, weather. That is why more and more people are trying to stay away from processed or GMO foods, plastics and other chemicals. We see that especially in younger people Gen Y or millennials

  • They can even be affected by other people’s: dis-eases, negative emotions, psychological suffering, megalomaniac tendencies; in other words anything that hinders Spiritual growth. This is due to their highly empathetic, compassionate nature (this is where the term empaths originates). We see this more in Gen X and Gen Y (millennials)

  • Because of their empathetic nature, they can realize fairly early on that the way human beings treat each other, other species and the planet is in dis-harmony with cosmic laws - man's inhumanity to man. The principle of 'Love your Neighbour' is rarely seen. The more they learn about the inner workings of governments and corporations, the more they may become cynical, hateful and depressed. They don’t like false pretenses, or big egos. Without any positive or higher influences, these feelings can overwhelm them and they can lead them to a life tangled with drugs, alcohol or even death. Not interacting with their own or others on the Path can lead to depression and an even deeper sense of loneliness. This is similar to what happens to Indigo children. This state can be equated to what Viktor Frankl, the famous Austrian psychiatrist, describes as the ‘Existential vacuum’ - the realization that our lives are ‘empty, a void’ unless we find meaning in our relationships, our work or our suffering. This is what lead to the Occupy Wall Street movement, again primarily catalysed by millennials

  • Because they have been marginalized by ‘normal’ people, they themselves have become more tolerant of others. This shows itself in the way that the LGBTQ community is being received with open arms by the younger, more advanced people, while being shunned by the old-school Establishment.

  • Crystals prefer to stay away from crowds or places where people are jammed together. They need their personal space and privacy to gather themselves. This is due again to their highly developed intuitive sense, A. K. A. extra-sensory perception. They can sense positivity and negativity around them; may even be able to tell who is one of them after a short conversation.

  • They tend to be aware of synchronicities that people discount as mere coincidences. They see these as signposts along their life path.

  • They tend to prefer to spend time with babies or young children (millennials), rather than adults, since the former operate with higher frequency energies, and have not been conditioned by society yet. They have only been here a few years, therefore have a closer connection to the Divine, that they haven’t relinquished yet.

  • Crystals tend to be rather quiet during very early childhood, to the point that a parent may think that there may be something wrong with them. This is because they are used to telepathic communication, thereby seeing words as unnecessary for their self-expression. Eventually they get used to people using ‘talk’ as a means of communication, and they adjust.

  • Some Crystals have reported that electronic devices can get disrupted when they are around, especially smaller things like light bulbs, phones, etc…

  • Crystals, unless properly stimulated, can end up with a poor body image of themselves, and can end up with eating disorders. We see this pandemic in North America especially, where comfort food is extremely inexpensive, among Gen X and more so amongst Gen Y. This does not mean that all people with eating disorders are Crystals, Indigos, etc… but many of them could be and turn to food as a way of dealing with their isolation and cynicism.

  • If they prefer to spend time with ‘imaginary friends’, these may just be ‘imaginary’ to the less developed human beings, who, declaring that these are fantasies, are causing huge psychological and Spiritual damage, and are even delaying theirs and the victim’s evolution.

  • Crystals have the esoteric, occult wisdom with them at all times; they are born with it. They have the potential to comprehend the cosmos and the universe. Therefore, they don’t need to be disciplined the way ‘normal’ children do. Most Crystals born to ‘normal’ parents have an inner understanding of their purpose and role in life. Their parents, if sensitive enough, can experience paradigm shifts in their consciousness, and accept their children as being special and wise beyond their years.

  • Crystals are very sociable naturally, therefore enjoy other people’s company, especially so if their company is on the Path, or is an Indigo, Rainbow, Star-seed or another Crystal. They do, however, need their time alone to recharge. This is how they rejuvenate themselves.

I hope we all understand that we are on this particular planet for a purpose, and are able to 'wake up' to this purpose. What do you think?

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