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As an answer to the question: Am I an Alien Hybrid Child? Here is what you need to know about the hybridization program:

A hybrid child is a person born as a result of a mixture of extraterrestrial and human DNA. The hybrid child is formed in many ways, and likely the most common is the abduction of human beings and injection of alien DNA into their eggs or capture of male sperm. These abductees can sometimes have sexual relationships with extraterrestrial beings, which usually end up with the female pregnant, but there are other ways, much like we can today give life to babies through IVF. (Note that this is not random at all, but part of your soul contract, to which your soul has agreed, or you have agreed to on a subconscious level, i.e. this is part of your destiny on this planet).

As a result, there are so many hybrid children walking on this planet today; some estimates can be as high as 10% of the population. It is said that wherever a large crowd is, there will surely be a hybrid human present. There are so many qualities that identify a person as a hybrid. Keep in mind that a person you think is a hybrid might not be one and vice versa.


These are some qualities or characteristics that would help someone realize whether he or she is a human hybrid. It is important for everyone to become aware of these factors, so that identifying a hybrid becomes easier and simpler.


They are usually lonely and find it difficult to relate to normal humans. They might want to have a relationship with different kind of people (not the typical, superficial people, but more like themselves, so Indigo children, Crystal Children, Rainbow children, Spiritual people, etc.), since they are not completely humans. 


They are usually plagued with a chronic disease called sinusitis. This is characterized by the sinus of the nose getting inflamed and causing a severe headache for the patient. This is another way of identifying if a person is a hybrid. 


They are usually known to have strange dreams. They often dream of places where they are flying, and such dreams prove to them that they have extraterrestrial genes. The hybrid accepts this irrefutably. These dreams come often. During dreams, the hybrid feels happy, content, satisfied, etc., since they are achieving their purpose on Earth, i.e. to realize their past and origin to self-realize in the future. 

Scanty Hair 

It has been discovered that most hybrids do not have much hair. They have sparse, thin and black hair on their heads but the other parts of their bodies usually have no hair. Hybrids without caps or wigs could be noticed anywhere they are. This could make them feel less human and uncomfortable. These people found a solution to that effect by embracing the use of wigs to have a more normal appearance. 

Large Eyeballs 

They have larger than normal eyeballs. They have a deeper vision, as if their eyes had an almost irresistible effect, and as if they could penetrate through to people’s souls.


Temperature Differences 

Hybrids experience lower body temperatures than normal humans. They get cold easily and always have a desire for heat. They are termed as 'cold blooded’, because their genes always pull their body temperature down.

Larger Cranium 

The cranium of hybrid children is a little bigger than that of normal humans. In ancient times, some people (such as the Egyptians) tried to elongate their craniums or skulls for certain purposes, but for hybrid children, it is simply naturally larger. Research has shown that children born with large heads, most of the time, end up become more intelligent and more successful than normal human beings. 

Mind Power

Hybrids can get things done through the power of their minds, by concentrating on a particular thing for a longer period of time. They can use the power of focus to achieve what might seem impossible for normal humans. 


Other people find that hybrids are usually snub. This is because hybrids do not feel too comfortable associating with people who are not like them. This is expected, because they are not in their element.

They have a deep yearning to go back to where they belong. They might not be able to explain this feeling or tell where exactly they belong, but they have the feeling deep inside. This is because they do not perfectly fit on this planet. Humans were designed by nature for the earth. Hence, it will take them huge efforts to fit in, but the feeling to go home will always remain.

High IQ

They tend to possess a high intelligence quotient (IQ). Hybrids have a very high intellectual capacity, compared to normal humans, which can manifest, not only in the areas of mathematics and science, but also in artistic or creative areas.



Hybrids have telepathic skills. They do not need to communicate with you to know your thoughts. They could read your thoughts and also tell what your action is likely to be. Every human being can develop such skills, but theirs is inborn. They could use it to their advantage in so many ways. Imagine a hybrid human present undergoing an interview conducted by a normal human. The result of the test would be known to him before the interview ends. This is because he could read his interviewer's mind.


Most of the hybrid humans are sensitive to electromagnetic or electric fields. When they get into such field, they become uncomfortable and can't think straight anymore. Their thinking processes get disrupted due to their high sensitivity. 


Human DNA dominates hybrids. This makes it easier to adapt to our human environment and remain undetected. It would have been more difficult if it were the other way.

These characteristics explained above are very important for a person to realize whether he or she is a hybrid or not. One may exhibit some of these, but not all. It really depends on the degree of penetration of the extraterrestrial DNA; in other words, how much DNA is human vs. alien.

Being a hybrid does not make a person inferior. On the contrary, this fact should make him/her bold enough to take up a multitude of challenges. This could be seen from the qualities of a hybrid human as he/she can demonstrate great powers that are not in normal humans. The hybrid human is actually in an advantaged position, and can make great forward strides, despite few challenges. 


Our world needs solutions to various problems that have plagued us for millennia. This is an opportunity to contribute to your world and make the desired changes. You are not less, even though you might be different. Being different is a good thing. Throughout history, the heroes and champions of all stories have been different: Socrates, Plato, Superman, Nietzsche, Florence Nightingale, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Bloomberg, Mdme Blavatsky, GI Gurdjieff, Leonardo DaVinci, Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc.

Stand up and do not feel inferior!


We sincerely hope this helps. If you have further questions, or comments, please post them below or in the Forums page

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Am I an Alien Hybrid? What You Need To Know

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