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As an answer to the question: Which job should I take, or what is the best job for an Indigo child or a Crystal child, or what is the best career for an Indigo child, we present:


Best Career Paths for Indigo Children

To understand the kind of career that is fitting for an Indigo child, one needs to understand the Indigo's core nature. Only then can you sufficiently determine what career path such child should pursue. 

For those who do not know, Indigo children are children who are regarded to be endowed with special abilities or traits. This is often thought to be supernatural. They can also be called Star children. Nancy Ann Tappe was the one who created this idea in the 1970s and it was further worked on by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll. The idea of Indigo children has been the subject of many books and films till date. Some are of the opinion that Indigo children represent the next phase in human evolution while critics believe that Indigo children are overrated and the characteristics associated with them can easily be found in other children. 

But the concept of Indigo children has come to stay, as it has a wide acceptance. Some of the major characteristics of Indigo children include: possession of a very high intelligence quotient, innate intuitive abilities, rejection of rigid authority and being perceived as strange by friends.

Bearing these unusual characteristics in mind, these are some of the careers that are fitting for mavericks and nonconformist as the Indigo child:


Indigos are the natural ultimate entrepreneurs, and this stems from their inability to conform to rigid authority. Indigo children are impatient and cannot endure the hypocrisy and backstabbing that comes with being an employee in an office environment.

Their inability to conform to the demands of an office environment forces them to set out on their own, to be their own bosses. This is assisted in great part by their high intelligent quotient and innate intuitive abilities. They see things that others don't see. And in cases when others see this same thing, the Indigo child sees it even from a completely different angle. 

A typical Indigo child is melancholic - meaning they are exposed to frequent bouts of depression, fear, and self-doubt. This is the price they have to pay for their genius abilities. Despite the lows of depression, the Indigo child usually rises back up to attain success, almost like he never went down in the first place.


Indigos are non-conformist. While others may sit back and watch things happen, Indigos want to change things. They hate injustice and are spurred to action by any act of discrimination or oppression. They take this causes personal like they are the ones affected by it. Even in the face of death or harm, they don't flinch which make people perceive them as unusual. They are extremely passionate in their belief.


Indigos want to change the world, so careers like working in a nonprofit organization, contesting for a political position with the aim to change an anomaly or building a corporation that gives back to the society, is apt for them. 


Indigos hate injustice and they have a strong inkling to change the world to make it a better place. Add these two traits together and what you get is someone who works as an undercover detective in a corrupt agency or a highly motivated investigative journalist. 

Indigos can work as the Trojan horse that brings large corrupt corporations down. They do so without any feeling of guilt or pity, neither can they be bought at a price. They possess an innate determination to see a cause to an end. 

They are also the perfect human lie detector, they instinctively know when they are being lied to or an attempt is made to manipulate them.


Indigos are reformers, they hate inefficient status quo. They are irked when things are done in an improper manner. They are vocal, they scream loudest when they believe in something and decide to bring about the needed change. They typically reject the pattern of traditional thinking. 

As an Indigo you can be the change you wish to see in the world. If they are not satisfied with the treatment meted them by any particular professional an Indigo can learn that skill or attain the position of a professional themselves just to correct that anomaly. As web developers, they make the best themes or plugins that solve real-life problems and blaze trails. 


Indigo children are often thought to possess extraordinary supernatural gifts. This makes them good healers in many forms of alternative medicine; Acupuncture, Reiki etc. They are no general practice or methods that work for all Indigos, it largely depends on that individual natural talent and gift.


Indigos are naturally artistic, they possess talent like none other. They are typically brimming with ideas. They are naturally good in the arts, they are good writers, musicians, composers, directors etc. They are prodigies, showing their talents right from an early age. Some learn how to play instruments before they can talk, some learn how to paint even before they can walk. 

They are highly imaginative, which makes them expert writers, capable of crafting brilliant fictional pieces.


Their creativity stems majorly from their ability to access both the right and left side of their brains with ease. A regular person does not have such abilities. 


Indigos are renegades, they don't follow the world's accepted standard, they create their own. They see things differently than everyone. They don't do what people ask them to do, they do that which they believe is right. And they stick to it, come rain or shine. 


We sincerely hope this helps. If you have further questions, or comments, please post them below or in the Forums page

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G.I. Gurdjieff

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