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Best Diets for Indigo Children, including Best Diets for Crystal Children & Best Diets for Spiritual or Mystical People

Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat

Socrates, 470 – 399 BC, Greek philosopher

We are what we eat. Everything that enters our body intervenes at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And especially in the case of indigo and crystal children, feeding is a fundamental aspect of their mental, physical and emotional stability.


One of the factors that most influences the mood and behaviour of these children is nutrition. Everything that is cultivated with pesticides, which today is the majority of foods, and following a "normal" diet will not be tolerated by many indigo and crystal children. Often they cannot tolerate processed foods and addictive foods. Very important!


Don’t Force Them to Consume Animal Protein


Many children prefer not to eat meat, but parents follow the paediatrician’s instructions or simply obey old paradigms and press them to eat animal protein. We cannot imagine how they feel, (given their high sensitivity to suffering) chewing a piece of dead animal. All meat products maintain the emotions of the animal while it was killed, and also the emotions during its captivity, to the point that a spiritual child, when he/she consumes flesh, can perfectly relive the death of the animal and even tell how this death was (in certain cases).


This doesn't only happen with meat, but also with some fish, such as tuna and salmon, because they also have an emotional body and relieve emotional impacts very strongly. When a spiritual child takes meat foods, his/her vibration is actually descending to practically 1/3 of its full potential. From small, when eating porridge that already contain meat or fish, as the children get used to the emotion of the death of the animal and these visions, their mind ends up marginalizing this experience, and they deny (like adults do) that this can happen. When a child under 2 years old eats meat, he/she is blocking the normal growth of their emotional and mental body. Also, commercial meats are full of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals that are highly harmful to humans.


Stop Consumption of Highly Addictive Foods


Sugar and Caffeine


Refined sugar, in addition to being totally unsafe for children, tends to create a dependency and this has been recognized by food companies. That's why today, most processed foods contain sugar - that way we end up buying more of them. It gives us a feeling of temporary pleasure, but then, when the crash comes, we feel depressed, tired, without energy, and we need more sugar to feel that high once again, and the destructive cycle continues.


Observe your child before and after drinking Coke/Pepsi/other sugary pop. For a child from 0 to 5 years old, it is a real bomb. They usually accelerate a lot, and then they get anxious. They want more and more soda/sweets. The continuous consumption of refined sugars, long-term, can lead to a diagnosis of Attention Disorders or Hyperactivity (ADHD), which are so prevalent amongst Indigos.


Most refined or processed foods in supermarkets also contain chemicals that may not be tolerated by people of higher frequency. Sweets, drinks with artificial colours, cookies, cakes, hamburgers, chocolates and combinations thereof, all create dysfunctional and hyperactive behaviour in children. Feeding an Indigo or Crystal Child with chocolate and Coca Cola is the equivalent of giving the child drugs. Their system will respond by becoming hyperactive - producing overactive behaviour, trying to burn off all the excess capacity/energy, followed by a "shock" or tantrum when the effects disappear.


As difficult as this is, parents need to learn to catch abrupt changes in behaviour in their children and carefully analyse if they come after having eaten or drunk something other than natural foods or water. Once they learn to detect these behavioural changes, they can see which foods produce them, and they will generally be foods like soft drinks, with a high content of refined sugars, artificial colours, caffeine and/or candies/sweets.


Suggested sweeteners include pure honey, truly integral sugar, maple syrup, and natural sugar cane, or other natural sweeteners that don't cause spikes.Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, mate, cocoa, cola drinks. With cocoa, if it’s not organic, it is not only caffeine that is the problem, but also bromine. This substance has similar effects on the body as caffeine.


Gluten/Derivatives and Casein (Milk/Derivatives)


The physical body of Indigo/Crystal children is very sensitive to food and will often develop food allergies: Indigo/Crystal children can be intolerant to wheat-based cereals, producing symptoms such as eczema, digestive problems, and eating disorders.


Gluten and casein are degraded into opiate peptides once consumed, that act like a drug in the body. Basically these, especially if not organic, should be avoided by normal children, even more so by Indigo/Crystal children.


Beware of Genetically Modified Foods


The foods we consume, the vast majority, are transgenic. They are created in the laboratory and are genetically modified. This process consists, basically, of "gluing and cutting" genes from organisms, bacteria or animals to crops such as corn or soybeans. As much as possible, we must consume foods that are organically grown, natural, without artificial colours, or preservatives. Most canned, processed, boxed products and even fruits and vegetables may be genetically altered. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid canned foods and sausages as well. When fruits and vegetables look too perfect and have neither the taste nor the smell that characterizes them, they are very likely to be transgenic. Look at the labels and try to be aware of the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce them, they are foreign to our bodies.


The Vital Energy of Living Foods (Fruit and Raw Vegetables)


Food is energy and therefore falls within a vibrational range. The more natural it is, the greater its vibration will be. Indigo and Crystal Children have to maintain a high vibrational level to carry out their mission on this planet. Therefore, one of the greatest gift that a parent can give their children is to teach them to eat correctly so that they can perform optimally, showing them the energy level contained in the food consumed. Through direct experience, they will feel sluggish after eating junk food or, in other words, their vibrational level will plummet. This is to teach them to differentiate between the vibrational levels of each food, so that they learn to choose what food is going to make them feel vibrant and healthy. All food contains vital energy. The vital energy is maintained in food only 20 minutes after cooking or liquefying. For this reason, it is essential to consume live, fresh food daily.


Today there is a lot of research regarding food, and scientists have even found that many fruits and vegetables contain protein and not to mention grain and cereals.


I can mention Dr Ann Wigmore, awarded by the Nobel Prize Foundation among others, who postulates the live feeding program. That is, a diet based only on live foods (fruits, vegetables, and grains) and she shows that this diet is not only healthy, but the basic, high-carb diet that our society blindly follows (meat, milk, eggs, cereals, fruits, and vegetables) is a generator of countless diseases. She developed therapy through which she heals patients with cancer, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, among others with changes in their nutritional diet, without the need for endless pills or injections. At present, some doctors heal with the intake of raw food juices. On the internet, there is a lot of information about this as well.


Macrobiotic food is one of the healthiest there is and is based solely on the consumption of certain grains, vegetables, and fruits. By giving this info, in no way am I suggesting that children be induced to eat just vegetables and nothing else. However, it is important to respect the child when he/she decides not to eat certain foods.


And now comes the dichotomy. If your child does not want to eat because they ate sweets, look out, this is an addictive response. That is, refined sugars, in addition to being counterproductive to our health, tend to create a dependency and this is recognized by food companies. That's why today, most processed foods contain sugar, with the result being that we end up buying more. Do you remember that myth that they put drugs on sweets and sell them outside of schools? The drug is 'sugar' - it creates an addiction, and like any other drug, it provides a pleasurable feeling, which then turns grim, and we need more sugar to feel ecstatic again, and the cycle continues.


This is like David's confrontation with Goliath: colourful, sugary consumer products aimed at children, coupled with the bombing of non-stop advertisements. What can one do as a parent to defeat the giant? Sorry, I do not have a definitive solution, but I wish I did. However, some measures do work:


1. If you go to a party and there are sweets, the rule should be to eat some sweets, but drink water only, no pop or juice.


2. Talk to your child when they are calm. Download information from the internet or consult books and share what you have found with other parents.


3. Ask your child to observe how he/she feels before and after having eaten junk food or drank soft drinks.


4. There is an excellent documentary on Netflix called "Super Enrich Me" or "Super-Size Me." Watch the movie with your family; the awareness it causes in children and young people is impressive, and can be life-altering. I learned about the case of a 15-year-old boy, who became a vegetarian after seeing it.


5. Learn. Attend support groups for parents. They are a great source of information as to which foods to eat and which ones to avoid.


6. If you relapse, start with step 1.


Best of Luck!

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