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Book Review ‘Same Soul, Many Bodies’

by Brian L. Weiss, MD

I picked up this audio book, written by the Dr. Weiss recently, as the causes and relationships between Karma and Reincarnation is something I am interested in.

I picked it up after having finished listening to the audio book called ‘Journey of Souls’ by Michael Newton, Ph. D. and I learnt so much about the afterlife.

This book is based on cases from Dr. Weiss, an American hypnotherapist that has been practising for decades. 


In one of the cases described, which touched me deeply, a patient goes to visit the doctor. She is Jewish in her present life. She used to be married, but she did not agree with the level of commitment that her husband showed towards Judaism, so they ended up getting divorced. She had been having a growing feeling of sympathy towards Jews in Israel. Many times it overwhelmed her; this feeling has taken on a negative spin though and became hatred towards the Arabs that are injuring or killing Israelis through suicide and similar attacks. 

After trying traditional psychotherapy with no success they decide to delve into the paranormal. 


They tried past life regression and they found out that she used to be a male Nazi officer and her position required her to shoot anyone trying to escape the trains taking prisoners to concentration camps.

In her current life she appears to be subconsciously trying to atone for what she did to the Jews in her previous life.

Next the doctor asks her to move to a future life. She sees herself living as a poor person in the Palestinian territories hating the Israelis for the way the Palestinian Arabs live their life, alienated from the world, in poverty. She dies young.

Next he asks her to go into a future life where there is no hatred of any groups but understanding through compassion.

In this future, potential, life, she sees herself living in Hawaii managing a hotel that caters to guests looking for peace and harmony with nature.

This is the future she prefers as she sees herself living her life feeling blessed, being in such beautiful surroundings, doing positive work.

After her sessions are over, she struggles against her hatred of the Arabs, tries to develop compassion, gets involved in spirituality and focuses on growing her inner life.

The book describes this real-life case in more detail and many others. Our religions, that we hold so dearly onto, are not always what they seem. If we do not wake up, we may be losing out on what truly counts.

I believe a lot of these cases will lead us to question some circumstances in our own lives, which is why I am recommending this boo to anyone interested in achieving a higher state of consciousness.


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves

Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist, 1905-1997

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