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You may find that you are different, and have always been this way. You have a different outlook on life. Perhaps you enjoy being alone, by yourself. Perhaps you acted or act in a more mature way than the kids in your class. Children like this (Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Starseeds or Mystics) may be deep thinkers. You will probably spend a lot of time dreaming, and are classified as being odd. Someone like this often realizes, in their adult years, that they have always been an Old Soul.

Spiritual People

The old soul will be more spiritual in nature. You are natural givers and will be more inclined to help out and reach out for noble, good causes. You will fight for peace and social justice. Sometimes, this may not even be realistic, but you will always have questions to ask, such as: why am I here? Why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer? Is there a God? Have I lived before? Am I a good person? Why do I feel alone? You may take time out of your work schedule to volunteer locally or in a third world country. 

You may take time to make a pilgrimage to another country or join up with a retreat where you can spend some time alone. Not only are you a giver to those who are in need, but naturally you are a giver to those who are need of your time. You are compassionate and have a great deal of empathy, possibly an Empath. You always want to go the extra mile, helping friends, family and even strangers. You are always willing to listen and you are often gifted in this area. People like you practice spiritual exercises, such as meditation or yoga, frequently. As a result, you are often very calm. 

You are also known to be extremely humble, keeping your feet on the ground. Traveling can be an interest in order to increase your perspectives on spirituality and different cultures and religions. There is a sense of curiosity as you begin to find, and this especially applies to your sense of spirituality. In saying this, you will typically not be judgmental.

Walt Whitman said “to be curious, but not judgmental”; this may ring true with so many of us.



Old souls are deep thinkers. You want to know more about the meaning of life. You will reflect more about your own lives and those around you. You will be philosophizing about everything in life. This may be because you have been through a lot in your life. The Mystical Path is different than the normal path. You are observant and will look at the behavior of others, which will give you new insights or something more to reflect on. It may give you questions to ask yourselves about what is going on in your life.


An old soul is not interested in materialism. You stay away from the latest trends and fads on the market which consumers like to escape to. A bigger house, a more expensive car or the latest technology is not appealing to this sort of person, the Old Soul. You see these things as simple pleasures. You may even have debates or arguments with people who are materialistic or superficial. 

You rather find satisfaction and fulfillment in people around who are like-minded. You thrive on deep connections where you don’t simply talk about life events or material things. As Meryl Streep says, “the great gift of individuals is their empathy”. This is something that can surely be echoed. 


Feeling a bit Different, not normal

Ever since you were young, you would have felt as if you didn’t fit in. This is still the case. You may prefer to talk to older people, rather than socializing at a cocktail party, or talk about something more prestigious yet superficial. You (Old Soul) prefer talking about the meaning of dreams, certain signs that you believe in and various psychological theories, maybe Hollow Earth, aliens, life on other planets, God, Karma, etc. You may feel that you have low self-esteem, because you are different, but it is simply that you are trying to find yourself. When you realize that you are an Old Soul, you will gain more confidence because you can get so much more out of it. 

The great Carl Jung says that your visions will become clear when you start to look into your own heart. He says that you only remain dreaming when you look within, but when you look outside you will wake up.

Good Company

Likeminded people will entertain and keep the Old Soul company. You will benefit by meeting new people with whom you can talk and philosophize about. They have to be on your wave length for you to be in harmony with them. When you go out, it is usually not for a night of drinking, fun and games. Your idea of fun will be to meet a couple of people and talk about various viewpoints relating to spirituality and various other lifestyles which affect the subconscious level. 

This is not usually your average social conversation, but the Old Soul loves these sessions and it leads them to deeper connections. It leads to people learning more about themselves as well as others. You love growing, and always strive for this. You do this by talking with others on your level. You will always turn to reading materials and resources to broaden your minds. By sticking together with such people, you will also gain knowledge and wisdom. 

A lot of people who are growing up as Old Souls stick to older people. You won’t identify with people who are of a similar age, unfortunately. 

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Jung, 1875 - 1961, Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology

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