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Poetry Submissions Info

Once we receive your original work, we will look at it and upload it to our site, where it will become public.

Do let us know how much detail you'd like about yourself: Name, City, State/Province, Country, and maybe some more details if you'd like. Or you can submit it as Anonymous too.

We'd be happy to link back to your site (if you have one). Just send us the link as well, and we'll have it up.

Before posting it online, we will make sure it is related to Spirituality in any way, or to Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Start-seed children or adults in any way. 

We won't post anything derogatory or insulting to others.

Should you change your mind in the future, please write to us, and we will change it or take it down, as you wish. 

Consider before acting, to avoid foolishness: It is the worthless man who speaks and acts thoughtlessly

Pythagoras, 569 BC - 485 BC, Greek philosopher, Mystic, Mathematician and much more

Show respect to all people, but grovel to none

Tecumseh, Native American mystic, 1768 - 1813

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