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Think of Star-seeds as Diplomats. They are born here, on Earth, as representatives of their back-home civilizations. They are sent from other planets and many times other dimensions to experience life in a physical, 3D world, full of different species, with native Earth souls, but as well, souls from other planets and dimensions. But they also want to learn and acquire wisdom that can be used by citizens of their original home to overcome some problem that hinders the spiritual evolution of a group.

As they die, their soul goes back to their original home and are received as heroes/heroines, in the same way that we would receive the Star-trek crew (if they were real), if they came back to Earth to tell stories of what they encountered in deep space and other planets and how they interacted with them. If one is sensitive enough, these experiences can catalyze change and lead one to attain wisdom through them.

Just by looking at people, you would think that everyone here has only ever lived on this planet. Physically, we all look alike – one head, two eyes, one mouth, two arms, two legs, same systems within, but that is simply not the case of our souls, our essence, that which we truly are. Many of us have experienced lives on other planets, other solar systems, other galaxies, other dimensions and even other universes. Although not aware of the details, the essence of these experiences remain with us and shape us into who we are today.

Many civilizations from many different planets (according to reports, in the many tens of 1000’s) have sent their own to incarnate on Earth. They each have their own interest, and may or may not know of the others’ existence, but they all share the same underlying objective: To see that the Earth and their back-home civilizations ascend to the next step in Evolution.

Certain traits have been identified as common amongst Star-seeds:

  • Though not necessarily alone, Star-seeds experience an intense sense of loneliness, deep inside. This is due to the fact that, at at a very essential level, they truly are almost entirely alone on Earth. On a more superficial level, they may be surrounded by loving beings, but their sense of loneliness and hence search for a real, intimate connection at the level of Soul or Over-Soul is deep

  • Some famous starseeds are: Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, Leonardo DaVinci, Einstein, Christopher Reeve, Mother Theresa, Mozart, Princess Diana, Nikola Tesla to name a few.

  • Star-seeds cannot find answers as to why they feel so alone, start searching, and eventually may find their answers in Mysticism or Spirituality. They cannot understand the way ‘traditional’ society thinks and acts. Star-seeds, similar to Indigos and Crystals, have a deep mistrust of governments, corporations, churches, or large organizations that have no human face or empathy. As Robert Burns said in 1784 in his famous poem, "man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!"

  • Star-seeds feel like the odd one out in their family; no matter what they do, they cannot seem to belong to their earth family. They may become the black sheep in the family. This will be especially true if their family has 'normal' societal pursuits and no deep, existential interests

  • Star-seeds have a fascination with the stars and extra-terrestrial life, and feel as though their home is out there, but they can’t remember where. Hence the recent rise in interest in aliens, UFOs, extra-terrestrials, and even shows such as the X-files, Unsealed Alien Files, Ancient Aliens, etc ...

  • Star-seeds tend to have lower blood pressure and therefore feel cold at times

  • The majority of Star-seeds have the facial shape of their mother and the rest of their body tends to be like their fathers, or vice-versa, depending on which is the ‘real’ parent, the star-seed parent from their original planet

Have a look at the book on Extraterrestrial experiences. Click here: Aliens

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world

Malala Yousafzai, born, 1997, very much alive,  Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate

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