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Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children are rare, as they have never lived before on this planet – this is their very first incarnation here. They are pure, selfless, spiritual, and are the embodiment of all the most spiritual amongst us can aspire to. They have no selfish ego, but willfully serve others, all for the highest of purposes, the Mystical evolution of humanity.

Having such a child in a family is a blessing, and those that are more advanced on the Path will realize this early. These children need to be protected from those that do not understand them, and so may harm them. This is not the fault of the Rainbow child, but of the aggressor, since any aggression would arise out of ignorance. 

Chances are that these children will be born to Indigo or Crystal parents, as they would be best capable of understanding them and ensuring their positive growth and adjustment on this planet.


Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart

Anne Frank, 1929 - 1945, German-born diarist and writer. One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust

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Rainbow Children

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