Jan 26, 2017



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Aug 20, 2017

hi my son is an indigo and is having a hard time with night terrors what can i do to help him


Aug 24, 2017

Hi I've been having nightmares myself for a while now. My wife says that I wake up yelling. I can barely remember anything when I wake up, but I do remember that a lot, like the vast majority, of the dreams have to do with extraterrestrials or aliens. Maybe it's something like that? I've been reading stuff and watching things on youtube and Netflix about the alien phenomenon, and it seems to make a lot of sense. I've always felt differently, like I don't exactly fit in with everyone else, and that's given me purpose and meaning. Not sure if this makes sense or if you could relate to this

Jessica Taromino
Sep 7

hey does anyone know of any indigo groups in tennessee


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