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Chat-Room/Rules and Guidelines

Plato's Academy is a community built on mutual respect. You will see this reflected throughout all of our rules. We have tried to set a standard that will keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable when freely exploring your topics of interest.

  • Respect each other

  • No personal insults

  • Use common sense and courtesy

  • Strong language and vulgarity are prohibited
  • All caps is considered to be shouting. Please don’t use that
  • Plato's Academy Administrators reserve the right to "Notice and Take Down" any messages deemed not to be in harmony with the principles stated on this page and to even ban anyone from our chat rooms, if the person is found to consistently brake the "Golden Rule", that being: Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.

  • Members have the right to refuse to give out any personal details, but keep in mind that doing this, like elsewhere, has both positive and negative consequences

  • Always use the same account to log into the forum. The nature of this chat room requires that people be able to trust who they are speaking with. Please select one username and stick with it

  • Members cannot select names that are offensive in nature

  • It is strongly suggested that members do not select names which are derogatory to themselves or to others, since our negative thoughts can influence ourselves and others

  • You may be asked to change topics if the topic is controversial and is creating a great deal of arguing in the room

  • Jokes which are off-color, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive are not permitted

  • No spamming the forum or chat room with advertisements of any type

  • Don’t monopolize the screen by posting excessively long song lyrics, long stories or jokes, or other off-topic messages

  • Try no to make the same post in multiple forum folders, unless these are legitimate

Having stated all these rules, we wish you all peace, courage and inner strength in these changing times!

Consider before acting, to avoid foolishness: It is the worthless man who speaks and acts throughlessly

Pythagoras, 569 BC - 485 BC, Greek philosopher, Mystic, Mathematician and much more

Show respect to all people, but grovel to none

Tecumseh, Native American mystic, 1768 - 1813

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